AQIS Unroofed Container Wash Facility

The problem

The stormwater system cannot receive polluted wash water and the sewer network is not designed to receive added loadings during rainfall events

Clean Rainwater falling on the catchment to be directed away from site via the stormwater network

Polluted container wash water arriving on the pavement needs to be directed to an onsite wastewater capture and pre-
treatment system pre discharging to sewer

The Application

Greater than 3000sq/m Unroofed Container Storage and AQIS washing.

The Solution

Installation of a Model No. FE/PM6/FF600/LH Diversion System

System includes a proprietary control panel and hydraulically (water) driven waste water/stormwater diversion valves in a pre-cast concrete pit

The System Function

During day to day operation absent container washing the diversion valves are activated to direct clean rainwater discharge to the stormwater network

When container washing commences the interfaced hydraulic (water) drive line opens the trade waste diversion valves directing the polluted water stream to the onsite waste water pre-treatment plant.

When washing ceases the system harvests a pre-programmed volume of wash down water residue (referred to as the first flush) and sends it to the treatment plant.

The system then defaults to clean water discharge to stormwater mode until wash down water is again activated

The pre-treatment system in this case includes a mechanical Oil/Water Separator, downstream buffer tank and pumped discharge to sewer via a 100 micron auto backwashing screen filter to achieve AQIS compliance for discharge to sewer

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