Frankston Hospital Helipad

The problem

Clean Rainwater falling on the catchment is directed to the stormwater network which in turn runs a few hundred metres into Port Phillip Bay

To protect the environment any hydrocarbon spill arriving on the pavement needs to be directed to an onsite waste water retention and pre-treatment system pre discharging to sewer

The Application

The Application: Open Air Helicopter Landing Pad

The Solution

Installation of a Model No. FE/LH/SCSS600/IS Spill Control System

System includes a proprietary control panel with Intrinsically Safe Barriers and Sensors appropriate to the zone 1 explosive hazard rating interfaced with a hydraulically (water) driven waste water/stormwater diversion system

The System Function

During the day to day operation the diversion valves are activated to direct clean rainwater discharge to the stormwater drainage system

The proprietary water quality sensing system remains active 24/7

In the event an aviation fuel spill occurs on the paved catchment and travels to the diversion valve pit the sensing system immediately activates directing the polluted water stream to the waste water pre-treatment system prior to disposal to sewer, it also signals an audible and visible alarm

Diversion to trade waste remains active until the spill has been cleaned up and the system is manually reset to stormwater discharge mode.

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