Wine Crush

Taylors Winery S.A.

The problem

Waste Water Discharge from collection pad during the crush needs to be directed to an onsite waste water retention and treatment plant.

Clean Rainwater falling on the catchment needs to be directed to an onsite storage reservoir then utilized for seasonal irrigation purposes

The Application

The Application: Open Air Vintage Crushing & Storage Pad

The Solution

Installation of a Model No FE/CMS600/LH Constant Monitoring System

The System Function

During the crush the diversion valves are activated to direct polluted discharge to trade waste.

Outside the crushing season the diversion valves are reinstated into auto mode with clean rainfall discharging to the storage reservoir.

The proprietary water quality sensing system remains active 24/7

In the event of a spill of wine occurs on the crushing pad and travels to the diversion valve pit, the system senses the spill and activates directing the water away from the storm water catchment and to the waste water treatment plant, it also signals an audible and visual alarm.

Diversion to Trade Waste remains active until the spill has passed through the pit, it then auto resets to stormwater mode, or is manually reset when the spill has been cleaned up and the risk of contaminating the stormwater system has passed

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